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American Diplomat

Feb 29, 2024

Tribalism: Who is "other"? Ambassador Bob Beecroft recalls the atrocities in the Balkans of the late ‘90s, after which DNA tests revealed that the victims and the perpetrators of “ethnic cleansing” were no different from one another genetically. The question then becomes, who do we see as “other”, and why do...

Feb 22, 2024

A Million Downloads! Yes, you did it for us. Here to celebrate with us is ASU President Michael Crow. Think vision meets design meets global reach. The goal?  Access and energize the full level of human potential.  

Feb 15, 2024

The Houthis: Who actually are these people? And Yemen: What is this place?  Is it really a country? Yemen is engaged in a two-fronted, 10-year civil war, and this began long before the war in Gaza. Does Iran control the Houthis?  (Hint: far from it.) And why this business with the shipping lanes? Join us as Ambassador...

Feb 8, 2024

Young foreign service officer Hermanoschy Bernard joins us in honor of Black History Month to share his story of flight from his native Haiti as a child to life in the US as a political asylee, where he turned obstacles into opportunities and achieved his dream of becoming a public servant, inspired originally by the...

Feb 1, 2024

Ambassador Richard Boucher joins us to contextualize Taiwan's recent election in its deliberately ambiguous relationship with mainland China.  No big news is good news as Taiwan preserves its integrity by not declaring its overt independence, a lesson learned in Hong Kong.  The wild card?  Xi Jinping.