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American Diplomat

Dec 28, 2023

Pete and Laura close the year with reflections on the diplomatic successes in 2023 that helped create a more peaceful and sustainable world.  Global events have offered up a lot to fear recently, but it wasn't all bad!  Happy New Year from American Diplomat.

Dec 20, 2023

Psychiatrists David Charney and Ken Dekleva are back to discuss in depth what makes a person into a traitor.  Start with an intolerable sense of personal failure. Then think of parties in Santiago with music, liquor, cigarettes, beautiful women and dancing (a happy hunting ground for spy recruiters). Then, one mistake...

Dec 14, 2023

Pete's old friend Manuel Rocha is in the news - but in jail as a spy for the Cubans!  Imagine the shock.  You trust someone, and wow.  Psychiatrists David Charney and Ken Dekleva help us understand the mind of the turncoat: the greatest threat of them all is the male ego.  We are gobsmacked.

Dec 7, 2023

Ambassador Mark Schneider, former director of the Peace Corps and an expert on corruption in the Western Hemisphere unpacks the August election in Guatemala.  Juan José Arévalo was elected on an anti-corruption platform in a 61-39 percent win – bad news for the ruling elites who now seek to overturn the election...