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American Diplomat

Oct 27, 2022

April 7, 1994, Rwanda. Not a good day to be mistaken for the acting Prime Minister. Linda Thomas-Greenfield (now US Ambassador to the UN) shares the tale of her escape from the anti-government militia, while millions of others perished in the country’s genocide.

Oct 20, 2022

The story of our very own Pete turns out to be interesting to our intern Lauren!  For Hispanic Heritage Month, Lauren (and Laura) interview Pete about the challenges he faced as a Latino when he joined the Foreign Service, and how he overcame them to become the highest-ranking Latino officer of his time. Hint:...

Oct 13, 2022

Juan Carlos Pinzón, the youngest-ever Colombian Minister of Defence, and more recently the Colombian ambassador to the United States, weighs in on hemispheric events, from the valuable perspective of an expert diplomat whose country is not...the United States.  How do worldwide autocracies impact...

Oct 6, 2022

Politics, Kermit the frog, the ABCs and life as an ambassador. Ambassor Charlie Rivkin is back for a second episode, this time discussing his marvelously blended career in media, business and public service. Soft diplomacy is powerful diplomacy.