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American Diplomat

Mar 28, 2024

Our climate: What we do during this decade will determine our climate for a millennium to come. Diplomats not only negotiate multilateral agreements that protect the earth but, even more so, work with nations to follow through on their commitments. But what is the surprising dynamic of domestic politics and global...

Mar 21, 2024

Pete unpacks the antecedents of modern-day gangsterism, going back to his days as Assistant Secretary.  What were the unintended consequences of sending Central American gangsters back “home” to a country they did not know, where their best chance of fitting in was with ex-guerillas?  Boom.  Not even the tattoo...

Mar 14, 2024

General and Ambassador Doug Lute puts Sweden’s recent NATO membership in context: Has Putin accomplished his goals, or has it all backfired? What is the diplomatic solution to this war? And what should we expect at this year’s 75th NATO anniversary in the US?

Mar 7, 2024

For Women’s History Month, young diplomat Mary Vargas joins us to share her story as the daughter of an immigrant family of farm workers in Fontana, CA, to life as an American diplomat.  How did she achieve her lifelong dream, and why does she seek assignments working with refugees, the incarcerated, and Gazans?

Mar 4, 2024

We just cleared our millionth download!  Or, you did!  Pete and Laura reflect on early days and share their favorite episodes of the 350 that they have broadcast over the years – the tomfoolery of cybercriminals, the economic party at the border, the astonishing takeover of an African nation by bunch of Wagner...