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American Diplomat

Feb 19, 2020

In helping stabilize failing states, what do you do about disaffected, potentially dangerous citizens?  How do you help citizens own their country's peace?  Keith Mines is back with more on nation-builildng.  Laura's favorite takeaway:  A good leader is empathic.

Feb 14, 2020

Eric Rubin, President of the Foreign Service Officers' "union", compares the treatment of Foreign Service Officers during the McCarthy era and support that is available today, during "the biggest political battle of a generation."

Feb 12, 2020

And why is it a bad word?  How could Thailand kill 40 million chickens without a state?  Keith Mines explains all of this and why we care, drawing on his vast political, military, economic, and humanitarian nation-building experience.

Feb 6, 2020

Laura's Foreign Service Test, finally. Did she pass? Did she live? Were the questions fair? Were the examiners fair? Pete and Dave Rabadan are tough. Was Laura tough enough?

Jan 28, 2020

Pete sends Phil Chicola to guerrilla country to investigate the deaths of American linguist missionaries, and both Pete and Phil are accused of negotiating with the FARC. All of this concurrent with the Clinton impeachment, and as Pete explains, it got ugly. Especially with Baby Huey.