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American Diplomat

Dec 30, 2021

Ambassador Dick Hoagland, having served many years in Russia and former Soviet republics, has had ample opportunity to consider the high-stakes drinking game of vodka diplomacy. Bottoms up and happy New Year!  

Dec 23, 2021

Jeffrey Franca, drummer for DC's world music icon Thievery Corporation - the band that generously allows us to use its music to open our show each week - brings us on the journey he took to become a musician. He shares with us the value of unity, love and positivity in his work, which is influenced by musical styles...

Dec 16, 2021

General Ben Freakley, in charge of the eastern region of Afghanistan during the war, urges us to remain focused and do the right thing for those who remain in danger in Afghanistan. He calls for a whole of government approach and implores the American people: It's our time to serve.

Dec 9, 2021

Ambassador Dan Foote departed the State Department over a crisis of conscience relating to recent events in Haiti.  Why, and what actually happened from his perspective?  

Dec 2, 2021

The Zambian government has no love for its country's LGBTQ community. When repressions go simply too far to ignore any longer Ambassador Dan Foote speaks up, and for political reasons on both continents is forced to return home.  Any regrets?  Of course not. LGBTQ rights are human rights and everyone on earth deserves...